Amon Tobin Joins Synesthesia

Brazilian-born Amon Tobin is considered to be one of the most influential electronic music artists in the world. Thrilled to have Amon Tobin composing original music for Synesthesia.

In addition to his seven critically-acclaimed albums, Amon has scored a diverse range of projects from the cult masterpiece Taxidermia to Tom Clancy's video game blockbuster Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. A virtuoso sound designer, Amon has a reputation for musical ingenuity that is unconfined by genre and remains among one of the most visionary electronic artists of a generation. 




René Pinnell

As a filmmaker & designer, René produced the acclaimed comedy show Backpack Picnic, directed the feature documentary The King of Texas, sold a TV pilot to MTV, designed 5 products & founded 2 companies.