Synesthesia takes the viewer on an abstract journey through all stages of life, from birth to death. Loosely inspired by Fantasia, the project is comprised of six distinct movements, each with its own musical and visual style. It's a collaboration between pioneering visual artists and well-known musicians.


It begins the the flash of conception. A wash of wordless human voices envelops you—elemental, watery, warm. Gradually the voices take on form, line and direction, becoming more and more definite. They intensify and contract, and all of a sudden burst with the screaming harmonies of brith—the glare of the first light, the first air into the lungs, a welcome to our world.



Mike is a designer, animator, and creative coder. His collaboration with Radiohead resulted in the beautiful and critically-acclaimed Polyfauna app. Originally released in February of 2014, it garnered over a million viewers within the first few months.  For Synesthesia, Mike is working with the artists and musicians on the aesthetic and technical aspects of each movement.