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If selected, your project will be exhibited at Kaleidoscope events and featured on our website.  You will also have special access to funding, licensing, and distribution through our network of partners.  

Please limit project description to 150 words or less.
Please list the name, position, and Kaleidoscope Profile URL for all creators working on your project. If a creator is not a member of Kaleidoscope please substitute an email address for their profile page URL.
Please provide a download link for at least four (4) high resolution images of your project.
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If available, please provide a download link for your project. For Gear VR APKs please create a build that uses the following OSIG files:
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IS THERE A DEADLINE? No. Kaleidoscope accepts projects on a rolling basis. 

IS THERE A COST TO SUBMIT? Nope, it's free! 

WHAT IS YOUR SELECTION CRITERIA? We look for projects that show a mastery of both the creative and technical sides of virtual reality. We value craftsmanship and originality. We select projects that show us something new. 


  • Animation
  • Live Action
  • Interactive
  • Documentary
  • Experimental
  • Game

WHAT HMDs DO YOU EXHIBIT WITH? We primarily exhibit using Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive headsets. 

DO YOU REALLY ACCEPT VR GAMES? Yes, we love games! We look for projects that approach game development as an art form and push the medium forward in unexpected directions. 

IF MY PROJECT HAS BEEN EXHIBITED IN THE PAST, IS IT STILL ELIGIBLE? If your project has been exhibited publicly in the past it is still eligible for Kaleidoscope. However, we do give special weight to "premieres."  

CAN I SUBMIT MY PROJECT IF IT IS NOT YET FINISHED? Yes. We encourage you to submit projects that are still work-in-progress. 

HOW OLD CAN MY PROJECT BE AND STILL QUALIFY FOR SUBMISSION? There is no date restriction. It can be an oldie just as long as it's a goodie. ;-) 

HOW MANY PROJECTS CAN I SUBMIT? You can submit as many projects as you like. After you've submitted one project, just refresh this page to generate a new submission form. 

WHEN WILL I FIND OUT WHETHER MY PROJECT WAS SELECTED? We are a small team and only review applications once each quarter. So depending on when you submitted please don’t be surprised or upset if you don’t hear from us for up to three months. 



  • RESOLUTION: 3840x2160

  • CODEC: Either h264 or h265. 

  • FORMAT: Can be either side-by-side, or over-under, but we suggest over-under for better horizontal sampling. 

  • STEREO or MONO: We have a strong preference for stereo content but will accept mono if stereo is not available. 

GEAR VR APKs: If your experience requires its own standalone app to run on Gear VR, we need you to make a build using the OSIG files found here: Kaleidoscope OSIGs

OCULUS RIFT BUILDS: Please make your builds with the latest Oculus Rift Runtime, and compatible with DK2 and CV1. 

HTC VIVE BUILDS: Please make your builds with all the latest runtimes. 


For questions about submitting your project please email us at



These Submission Terms are a legally-binding agreement between you and Kaleidoscope VR Inc. (referred to as “we,” “us” or “Kaleidoscope”).  Please review carefully.  By submitting your project to us, you agree to these Submission Terms.



1.) We may select your project to be included in Kaleidoscope festivals, showcases, and tours (subsequently referred to as "events"), but are not obligated to.

2.) You will continue to be the owner of your project.  Our rights are limited to those specified below.

3.) You agree that you have all necessary rights to submit your project to us and to allow us and the presenters of Kaleidoscope to show the project at Kaleidoscope events throughout the world.  You will indemnify us and the presenters of Kaleidoscope events for any claims or liability relating to your project.

4.) If your project is selected for Kaleidoscope events, we may use your name and photo, images from your project and a synopsis of your project on our websites and in other materials.



You have read and agree to the Kaleidoscope Submission Guidelines.  You are submitting your project for consideration to be included in Kaleidoscope events, which may be held in various countries at various times (and may include Kaleidoscope “World Tours”, "Festivals" or "Showcases").  Kaleidoscope events may be produced by us or by our sublicensees or assignees. 

If your project is chosen by Kaleidoscope and we or the presenter of any Kaleidoscope event have announced that it will be included in any of our events, you may not withdraw the project until after any such event is over.

You grant us the rights in these Submission Terms in consideration of the benefits that you may receive as a result of being associated with Kaleidoscope and/or any Kaleidoscope events.  You agree that none of Kaleidoscope or the presenter of any Kaleidoscope events has any obligation to compensate you if your project is used in a Kaleidoscope event, or for any of the rights you grant to us in these Submission Terms.



Please note that nothing in these Submission Terms gives Kaleidoscope any ownership rights in your project.  Our rights are limited to the right to exhibit the project and to display excerpts from the project, and only as specifically provided in these Submission Terms.  (However, you acknowledge that Kaleidoscope may from time to time develop its own content, which may be similar to your project in theme, plot, format or in other ways.)

You agree that your project is an original work entirely created by you, or if not that you have obtained all necessary rights and licenses to publicly exhibit the project through our events, throughout the world, and to grant us the rights in these Submission Terms.  You have obtained any necessary clearances relating to any content (including any music) and from any persons appearing in the project.  You will indemnify, defend and hold harmless Kaleidoscope and the presenters of Kaleidoscope events, and their officers, directors, shareholders and business partners from any claims of any nature relating to your project or Kaleidoscope’s use of the images and other items provided in Our Right to Refer to You and Use Excerpts below.



You agree that we and the presenters of Kaleidoscope events may use your name, image and any biographical information you provide, as well as the title of your project and a synopsis of the project, to promote Kaleidoscope events and in any other publicity and promotion relating to Kaleidoscope, online and offline.  You also grant us and the presenters of Kaleidoscope events a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, assignable, perpetual license to display and exhibit excerpts from your project on our websites and in any other publicity and promotion relating to Kaleidoscope and Kaleidoscope events, online and offline.  You agree that these rights and license will continue after the events are over, even though your relationship with Kaleidoscope may have ended.

You agree to reasonably cooperate with requests from us for video interviews and statements regarding your project and the festivals, which we may use as provided above.



You and Kaleidoscope agree that any dispute or claim between us relating in any way to these Submission Terms, your project, our events, or our use of items provided above will be resolved by binding arbitration, rather than in court.  However, you may assert claims in small claims court if your claims qualify.  The American Arbitration Association will conduct the arbitration, pursuant to its Commercial Arbitration Rules, in San Francisco, California, USA.  The Federal Arbitration Act and federal arbitration law apply to this agreement.  You and Kaleidoscope will share the arbitration costs (other than attorneys’ fees); however, the arbitrator may allocate such costs as part of the arbitration award.

We may sublicense and assign our rights and obligations under these Submission Terms without your consent.

These Submission Terms are governed by the laws of the State of California, USA, without reference to choice of laws principles.  If despite the previous paragraph any dispute between us should be subject to court litigation, you and Kaleidoscope agree and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts with jurisdiction over San Francisco, California.  The prevailing party in any dispute arising out of or relating to these Submission Terms (including a dispute submitted to arbitration) will be entitled to its costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees.

These Submission Terms are the entire agreement between you and Kaleidoscope and may only be modified in writing.