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IS THERE A DEADLINE? No. Kaleidoscope accepts projects on a rolling basis.  

IS THERE A COST TO SUBMIT? Nope, it's free! 

WHAT IS YOUR SELECTION CRITERIA? We look for projects that show a mastery of both the creative and technical sides of virtual reality. We value craftsmanship and originality. We select projects that show us something new. 


  • Animation
  • Live Action
  • Interactive
  • Documentary
  • Experimental
  • Game

DO YOU REALLY ACCEPT VR GAMES? Yes, we love games! We look for projects that approach game development as an art form and push the medium forward in unexpected directions. 

IF MY PROJECT HAS BEEN EXHIBITED IN THE PAST, IS IT STILL ELIGIBLE? If your project has been exhibited publicly in the past it is still eligible for Kaleidoscope. 

CAN I SUBMIT MY PROJECT IF IT IS NOT YET FINISHED? Yes. We encourage you to submit projects that are at any stage of development. 

HOW OLD CAN MY PROJECT BE AND STILL QUALIFY FOR SUBMISSION? There is no date restriction. It can be an oldie just as long as it's a goodie. ;-) 

HOW MANY PROJECTS CAN I SUBMIT? You can submit as many projects as you like. After you've submitted one project, just refresh this page to generate a new submission form. 

WHEN WILL I FIND OUT WHETHER MY PROJECT WAS SELECTED? We will try to notify you within one week, however, we are a small team so it sometimes takes longer.

IF SELECTED, IS IT A REQUIREMENT FOR MY PROJECT TO BE SHOWCASED ON WEVR TRANSPORT? No, for projects that are only featured on our website it is not a requirement to be distributed on Wevr Transport. However, we still encourage you to have your project showcased on Kaleidoscope's channel on Wevr Transport. 


For questions about submitting your project please email us at