Our custom sponsorship package for UNITY guarantees promotion at a minimum of 40 Showcase Events for a total of 10,000 Attendees over the course of one year. The majority of content we showcase at Kaleidoscope is created with Unity and will display approved MADE WITH UNITY logo and language in all promotional materials.




  • PRESENTATION & EXHIBITION - Featured presentation and exhibition space at all Showcase events Unity chooses to attend. This is an ideal opportunity to reinforce Unity's thought leadership and demystify the VR content creation process. 
  • MADE WITH UNITY - All content in our Official Selection that has been created with Unity will display Made with Unity logo on promotional materials for those projects. This will also including a short video reel that highlights beautiful visuals from all the Made with Unity projects. 
  • MARKETING - Logo featured on Kaleidovr.com, Meetup and Eventbrite listings, and promoted via email and social media.
  • ACCESS - Targeted introductions to top artists and influencers.
  • TICKETS - 100 complimentary tickets.



  • SPONSORED POST - Article on vrscout.com profiling an innovative project in Kaleidoscope's Official Selection that has been created with Unity. Article will reinforce Unity's thought leadership and attempt to demystify VR content creation. 
  • ANNOUNCEMENT - Quarterly announcement posts on vrscout.com introducing UNITY along with the global schedule and lineup of creators and experiences.
  • BANNER AD - UNITY logo on a banner ad at vrscout.com for two weeks leading up to each quarterly Showcase.
  • NEWSLETTER - Inclusion in the VRScout weekly email newsletter leading up to each quarterly Showcase.
  • PODCAST - A dedicated episode of the VRScout podcast sponsored by UNITY.