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Kaleidoscope is a community for Virtual Reality Creators to share their work and build a fanbase, secure funding and distribution, and discover new projects and new collaborators. We accept members on a rolling basis. Please apply below. Not a VR Creator? Join our newsletter instead. 

150 Word Limit
Personal website, You Tube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. NOTE: At least one of your examples must be for a virtual reality project you worked on. And please specify your role on the project.
Please list your role on any VR projects you're currently working on. Include links if available.
Please provide a link to download your profile photo (Dropbox, Googe Drive, WeTransfer, etc). We place an emphasis on beautiful photography, so please send us something artfully captured with a minimum resolution of 1,000px. Feel free to include more than one option.
What are you amazing at? Please list your core competencies.
Please list the software, tools, and equipment you are proficient with using.
Please list all of your active social media accounts.
Please list the names of any current Kaleidoscope members who have invited you to join our community. Receiving an invitation is not a requirement but something strongly encouraged.


WHO CAN APPLY? Anyone who has created at least one VR experience or is currently working on a VR experience is welcome to apply. 

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? Our mission is to give VR Creators the resources they need to do their best work. Through our events, press contacts, and growing email list and social media channels, Kaleidoscope helps you gain exposure for you and your work. Through our network of partners like Wevr, Kaleidoscope helps you secure funding and distribution. 

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? We look for artists and engineers who are masters of both the creative and technical sides of virtual reality production. We value craftsmanship and originality. We back creators who show us something different.

WHEN WILL YOU NOTIFY ME? We will notify you within a week, though we try to get back to you within 24 hours. 

CAN I APPLY MORE THAN ONCE? If our review committee decides your body of VR work is not currently developed enough for membership then we encourage you to apply again as soon as you have new work to show us. 

IF SELECTED, IS MY WORK GUARANTEED TO EXHIBIT AT KALEIDOSCOPE EVENTS? No. If you are selected to join Kaleidoscope your work is NOT guaranteed to be exhibited at the Kaleidoscope Festival or any other Kaleidoscope events. That being said, we do give the projects of Kaleidoscope members special consideration.

IF SELECTED, IS MY WORK GUARANTEED FUNDING & DISTRIBUTION? No. If you are seeking funding and/or distribution for your project we help you package and present it to funding sources and distribution companies. But we can not guarantee anything.