Internship Program

Hosting events around the world, Kaleidoscope has built a global community of more than 10,000 VR Creators, and helped raise $3MM in funding for original projects such as Academy Award winner Phil Tippett’s MAD GOD, and Arjan van Meerten’s APEX which is set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. 

We are looking for summer interns to help us launch several exciting & secret initiatives. Ideal candidates are natural born producers who know how to get shit done. Bonus points if you have design skills.

150 Word Limit
Please list interesting projects you've helped create. Include links to website, You Tube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
What's your super power? Please list the software & tools,you are proficient using plus any special talents you might possess.
Please list all of your active social media accounts.
Can someone in Kaleidoscope's orbit vouch for you? We highly value recommendations from people we know and trust.


WHO CAN APPLY? This position is open for current students or recent graduates. 

WHAT DO WE LOOKING FOR? We look for ambitious self-starters who have good taste in film, music, art, literature, video games, and of course virtual reality. Can you carry a conversation? Can you write a crisp, succinct email? Can you communicate visually (i.e. design)? Are you good at brainstorming? Do you like to work insanely hard? These are the things we look for in candidates. 

IF SELECTED, DO YOU NEED TO MOVE TO PORTLAND, OR? No. We are big believers in remote working and are happy to bring on interns and employees who live anywhere in the world. We do hold regular company retreats for us all to meet and hangout in person, but the day-to-day is all remote working. 

IS THIS A PAID INTERNSHIP? The initial three month internship will be unpaid, but we plan to transition high performing interns into paid employees. 

WHEN WILL YOU BE NOTIFIED? We will notify you within a week, though we try to get back to you within 24 hours.