How much money do you invest in a project?

We do not have a set investment size. We take each artist and each project on a case-by-case basis. That being said, most of our investments are between $10k and $100k.

How do you split revenue with your artists?

Once our initial investment is recouped, we split all revenue with our artists 50/50. 

What type of projects are you looking for? 

We have only two rules for projects:  they must be animated and they must be created from the ground up for virtual reality. Outside of those two rules we are open to anything. It can be traditional or experimental. It can be interactive or passive. It can tell a story or be completely abstract. We don't fund projects as much as we fund artists. If we believe in you based on your past work, chances are we'll get excited about whatever gets you excited. 

How long should projects take to complete? And how long should our animated VR films be when finished?

We prefer projects that can be completed in a short time frame. Our ideal production schedule is 4 months, although we will back artists who want to work on longer projects under the right circumstances. The reasoning for this is we want to encourage our artists to take risks. The cinematic language for virtual reality is not yet well-defined, and the only way to do that is through experimentation. The longer a project takes to complete, the less you will learn. 

Because we prefer short production cycles, our target run time for projects is correspondingly short. We expect our finished VR experiences to last at most 6 minutes.

I've never worked with virtual reality before. Is that a problem?

It's definitely a plus if you've worked with virtual reality before, but it is not a requirement. We want to work with artists who are excited to explore virtual reality as a cinematic medium.

Do I retain ownership of my characters, story world, digital assets, and intellectual property?

Any intellectual property you generate you own. Period. The only thing we require is an option period of typically a year to produce more content based on that intellectual property.

I have a great idea for a VR project, but I don't have any experience with 3D animation. Will you still back me?

If you are a visual storyteller but you don't have any experience with 3D animation, we will still back you, but only if someone from your team has expertise in 3D animation. We suggest finding that person before applying. 

Will you sign an NDA? How do I know you won't steal my idea?

We don't sign NDAs for project proposals because we believe the value of the idea is in its execution, not its conception.  We back artists who we believe in, not project outlines.  We will make our best effort to keep your pitch confidential, but if you're still uncomfortable, please apply without a project proposal. 

Do you prefer to back individual artists or a team of artists?

We prefer small teams of 2 - 4 artists, but are happy to back individual artists or teams larger than four. The most important thing for us is that your team has the collective skills required to make an animated film for virtual reality. You or someone on your team must have deep expertise in the art and science of 3D animated filmmaking. If you don't have all those skills yourself, then it's probably best to find some talented teammates to round out your skill set before applying.