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Apply to be an Exhibitor at a Community Showcase to demo your latest project, get feedback on work-in-progress, or simply showoff your favorite VR experiences. Exhibitors may either be local VR creators or VR enthusiasts and are allowed to exhibit any work they choose provided there is space available and provided they bring their own VR demo station(s) preloaded with Kaleidoscope's Official Selection of VR experiences. If you are a company and wish to demo a project or a product then please become a sponsor.


Please list the city you would like to exhibit at.
Please list the number and type of VR Demo Stations you are able to bring to exhibit with.
Please select which type of exhibitor you are.
Please describe what you plan to exhibit. Include links if available.


The rules outlined below are mandatory, non-negotiable, and designed to maintain the quality, integrity, and vision of your Kaleidoscope Community. 


Listed in priority order, here are the factors we consider when selecting exhibitors:

▶ We give priority to VR Creators who are showcasing new work or work-in-progress.

▶ We give priority to Exhibitors who can bring multiple VR Demo Stations on new equipment. 

▶ To be an Exhibitor you must be either a VR Creator or a VR enthusiast. If you are a company or professional organization you must apply to be a sponsor.  

▶ We book exhibitors on a rolling basis. Space is limited so applying early increases your chances. 


To be an exhibitor your VR Demo Station must adhere to the following criteria: 

▶ Each Exhibitor must bring their own VR Demo Station(s) including all required equipment such as HMDs, computers, controllers, etc.

▶ Using the Wevr Transport app, all VR Demo Stations from an Exhibitor must be preloaded with Kaleidoscope's Official Selection of VR experiences.  

▶ In addition to demoing their own content, Exhibitors must allow attendees to view Kaleidoscope's Official Selection on their VR Demo Station(s).