Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Mozilla HQ 2 Embarcadero Center San Francisco, CA, 94111 United States

Our inaugural event explores the bleeding edge of live action capture for virtual reality. Jaunt VR reveals new details about their end-to-end solution for creating cinematic VR experiences; eleVR shows how to put together your own VR camera rig; and OTOY transports us to Star Trek's Holodeck with their mind-blowing holographic capture system!


Jules Urbach - CEO and Co-Founder, OTOY Inc.
As CEO and lead software architect of OTOY, Jules has overseen the development of a groundbreaking light field rendering pipeline, including the world’s first portable 360° lightstage capture system and a cloud-based graphics platform for creating and streaming light field media for virtual reality and emerging holographic displays. OTOY’s breakthroughs in compression and rendering have dramatically reduced the barriers for light field video streaming, making it a viable media format that gives content creators everywhere a simple, cost-effective way to bring high quality, interactive 3D content to multiple platforms for the world to enjoy. 

Patrick Meegan - Producer at Jaunt VR
Patrick is a filmmaker, game designer, and translator between creative and engineering teams at Jaunt VR. Patrick will talk about the integrated suite of hardware and software tools Jaunt VR has created to produce high quality immersive content as well as some exciting future developments the company is working on. 

Craig Gilbert - Cofounder of TotalCinema360
Craig is a writer, director, and producer currently in development on a feature film designed for 360 degree video. His films have been featured at international film festivals including Cannes, Warsaw, and Palm Beach 

Emily Eifler - Researcher with eleVR  
eleVR is a project of the Communications Design Group sponsored by SAP, dedicated to figuring out how to make awesome virtual reality video while sharing the results along the way. Emily will give a brief overview of the hardware and workflow currently used to create the teams work. 

January 10
Animated VR