Animated VR

  • Mozilla HQ 2 Embarcadero Center San Francisco, CA, 94111 United States

Our second event showcases three of the first-ever animated films for virtual reality. Hear from the groundbreaking VR Filmmakers who are defining this new medium.


The Last Mountain - Dir. Avram Dodson  
A rock-man, desperate for the company of his own kind, abandons his lizard companion to follow a living mountain into the desert. There, an unexpected gift offers a chance at redemption.

David & Goliath - Dir. Jonnie Ross & Gil Baron  
Set in a magical neon forest, this visually stunning VR animation reimagines the classic story of David & Goliath.  

BUTTS - Dir. Tyler Hurd  
VR cartoon about anxiety, depression, and lots and lots of jiggling butts.  


Jonnie Ross & Gil Baron - VR Filmmakers 
Founders of The Proto Awards, VRLA & Visionary VR, Jonnie & Gil are industry vets directing projects for artists like Muse and Belle & Sebastian and clients like Apple and Facebook. Like the CG wake bullet effects on the first Matrix? Oh yeah, they did that too. And for the last ten months these filmmaking bad asses have been hard at work adapting, bending, and reinventing the rules of cinema for Virtual Reality. Come experience their new animated VR short and learn how to make narrative filmmaking work for Virtual Reality.

Tyler Hurd with Skillman & Hackett - 3D Artists 
Tyler Hurd is the director of BUTTS, an animated cartoon for Virtual Reality about anxiety, depression, and lots and lots of jiggling butts. It also happens to be one of the first and finest examples of Virtual Reality Filmmaking. Come learn from one of VR Cinema’s most creative and unique voices. Tyler will be joined by Skillman & Hackett.  

Avram Dodson - VR Filmmaker  
Adapting and expanding upon traditional cinematic techniques, Avram gets under the hood to explore the emotional effect of "shots" with The Last Mountain - a short VR narrative currently in production. His previous efforts art/work and Rule No. 2 have screened at SXSW, and his most recent short, Pistachio Milk (pass: pista), was awarded best student short at Hamptons International Film Festival and Austin Film Festival.

Nancy Tsang & Lou Hamou-Lhadj - 3D Artists 
Pixar artists Nancy & Lou have spent the last year experimenting with real-time filmmaking. Come learn how game engines like Unity can be used to produce visually stunning animations.