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Community Director for AltspaceVR.

Katie is the Marketing Manager of AltspaceVR. She comes from a background in advertising and worked on campaigns for Hershey, Crest, P&G and various not-for-profits. She's deeply interested in VR for good and making sure women are represented in this emerging technology. She's lived in Oregon, Hawaii, NYC and now resides in the Bay Area. She discovered virtual reality at the Future of Storytelling Conference and can't get enough of it. She's primarily interested in how VR can be used to connect people from different backgrounds. She's run the first yoga class in VR and held multiple discussions in VR with people from around the world. 

René Pinnell

As a filmmaker & designer, René produced the acclaimed comedy show Backpack Picnic, directed the feature documentary The King of Texas, sold a TV pilot to MTV, designed 5 products & founded 2 companies.