Graham Wakefield is an artist and researcher whose work has evolved from computer music composition to the generation of open-ended immersive worlds, both emphasizing continuation over closure. He is also a developer of software for creative coding, including components of the Max/MSP/Jitter environment widely-used by electronic musicians and interactive media artists.

He directs a laboratory for computational world -making at York University, Canada, funded through a several national grants, and was previously an integral researcher for the AlloSphere: a three story spherical multi-user immersive instrument in the California Nano-Systems Institute, Santa Barbara, USA. With Haru Ji he has co-created a series of immersive artworks of artificial ecosystems that have been exhibited and awarded at many events internationally since 2008.






René Pinnell

As a filmmaker & designer, René produced the acclaimed comedy show Backpack Picnic, directed the feature documentary The King of Texas, sold a TV pilot to MTV, designed 5 products & founded 2 companies.