Community Director for Portland


Gabe Paez is the founder of WILD, a software company building a platform for design collaboration in virtual reality. WILD makes it easy to meet with a group of people inside of your 3D design in realtime. 

 Gabe has been a technical director and coder for 15 years. He specializes in creating immersive digitally augmented spaces. He is proud to have worked with a diverse roster of agencies and clients including Adidas, Verizon, Google, Nike, and Samsung. Gabe dislikes writing in the third-person, but he really likes playing outside in the super cool city he calls home... Portland, Oregon.

René Pinnell

As a filmmaker & designer, René produced the acclaimed comedy show Backpack Picnic, directed the feature documentary The King of Texas, sold a TV pilot to MTV, designed 5 products & founded 2 companies.