Community Director for São Paulo

Edson Soares is an interaction designer and multimedia storyteller whose work focuses on artistic expression and problem solving. He started his career as community manager for the photo-sharing site, Flickr, and as director of the documentary Sneakers: Stepping into the Urban Culture. The documentary was showcased at the São Paulo Int’l Film Festival and other exhibitions. He has since collaborated with the Blue Man Group on content marketing roles, and several film production companies and startups in Brazil as User Experience designer.

His education includes a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Sao Paulo and a master’s from the interactive telecommunication program (ITP) at New York University. His diverse portfolio consists of projects in various formats such as systems models, apps, video and interactive installations.

His personal interest in VR lies in the use of the medium to promote empathy toward minorities. With the pilot Communion, he used 360º video to transport the audience into the home of an LGBT family as a member of dinnertime conversation between same-sex couples and their children.

René Pinnell

As a filmmaker & designer, René produced the acclaimed comedy show Backpack Picnic, directed the feature documentary The King of Texas, sold a TV pilot to MTV, designed 5 products & founded 2 companies.