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Start a Kaleidoscope Community in your city to bring local VR Creators together to explore the art and science of virtual reality. As the founder and director of a new community you will be responsible for organizing quarterly showcases, scouting local VR talent, and securing sponsors and exhibitors. Being a Community Director is an incredible experience, but it will take a lot of work and dedication so it’s important that you’re ready to make the commitment.


Which city do you want to create a Kaleidoscope Community in? NOTE: You must live in the same city.
What makes you well suited to run a Kaleidoscope Community? What VR projects, products, or initiatives have you worked on? Please include links if available.
Can you commit to organizing at least one event every three months?
Have you read and agreed to all of the Community Rules outlined on this page?


The rules outlined below are mandatory, non-negotiable, and designed to maintain the quality, integrity, and vision of your Kaleidoscope Community. 


Each Community is run by a local Community Director with the following responsibilities, obligations, and benefits: 

▶ Organize & produce one Showcase event per quarter. 

▶ Program VR creators to demo & speak at quarterly Showcases. 

▶ Secure sponsors, exhibitors, and volunteer staff.  

▶ Secure venue, furniture, and audio/visual equipment.

▶ Be the public face of your Kaleidoscope community. 

▶ Speaking opportunities at international Kaleidoscope events.

▶ After production costs are recouped all money from ticket sales and sponsorship are split 50/50 between Kaleidoscope and the Community Director. Kaleidoscope reinvests its share of profit into future events and encourages Community Directors to do the same.


A Community Showcase must be organized each quarter and adhere to the following guidelines: 

▶ Each Showcase begins with 45 minutes of presentations by local VR Creators, followed by three hours of VR demos and professional networking.

▶ Using the Wevr Transport app, Kaleidoscope will provide an Official Selection of VR experiences that must be loaded onto all VR demo stations.

▶ Local VR Creators, selected in advance by the Community Director, may exhibit any new work or work-in-progress provided they bring their own VR demo station(s) preloaded with the Official Selection. 

▶ Ticket prices are between $5 and $50 USD, depending on the city and quality of event. 

▶ We do not allow co-branding of Community Showcases.

▶ Community Showcases are stand-alone events and may not be combined with any pre-existing conference or event.