Kaleidoscope Members are encouraged to submit frequent updates about their projects, about their insights into VR creation, and about themselves as artists. All updates are featured on our website, and promoted via email and social media reaching thousands of industry insiders. Share updates to gain exposure, build a fanbase, and generate excitement about you and your work. 


60 Character Limit
Please include links to any relevant articles or outside websites.
Please provide a download link for photos or videos related to update (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc).
Please list the names of any projects and/or VR creators related to this update.


Below is a list of suggested topics for updates. By no means should you restrict yourself to these topics. As long as the update is about you, your work, or VR then you're golden.    

IN THE NEWS: Post an update whenever you or your work is featured in an article, blog post, or other news media. 

HONORS & AWARDS: Post an update whenever you or your work receives an honor or award.

FESTIVALS & EVENTS: Post an update whenever you or your work is featured at a festival or event. 

INSIGHTS: Post an update if you have an insight into VR creation. This can be a short one sentence observation, an open question, or an in-depth essay like Jessica Brillhart's In the Blink of a Mind.  

MILESTONES: Post an update when your project reaches an important milestone such as a working prototype, securing funding or distribution, completing development, etc. 

GROWING TEAM: Post an update whenever a new collaborator joins the team working on your project.

SKETCHES: Whether it's an old fashioned pen & paper drawing, or a quick VR mockup, please post updates whenever you have a VR related sketch to share.  

TESTS: Whether it's test footage you shot, or a new VR interaction you're playing with, please post updates about any VR tests or experiments you're conducting.  

CONCEPT ART: Post an update whenever you have new concept art for a VR project. 

MODELS: Post an update whenever you have new 3D models for a VR project. 

ANIMATION CYCLES: Post an update whenever you have a new animation cycle for a VR project.